Saturday, March 26, 2011

8931.Blogspot Revisit

Dah lama betul tak update this blog. More than one year since it was last updated. Sibuk.... Biasalah. Asyik tangguh je.Tangguh punya tangguh, dah lebih setahun rupanya... Luckily still remember the login and password.

Well, fast forward one year. Aiman is now in Standard Five. Amir standard four. Iman dah masuk darjah dua. Aishah six years old and in second year of tadika. Akmal Haziq... the most active boy in the house is three years old.

Over one year, we lost one maid. Nearly one year with us, she ran away from our house. Three months past by with no maid in the house and everything is under control. Alhamdulillah. Babah and Mama letih sikit la sebab banyak kerja-kerja rumah yang nak kena buat (Nampak macam Mama sorang je yang buat kerja lebih. Kan Mama!)


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