Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Babah And The Art Of "Bertukang"

Believe it or not. Last Saturday, Babah said that he wanted to built a 'pegola' to hang some of the flower pots. With the moral support given by all of us, Babah managed to complete his task. One thing that we are not very sure is, can we call it 'pegola'. Well, according to Babah, the above object does not have a specific name. So we can call it 'pegola', bangsal or pondok. It main purpose is to hang the 'pasu bunga'.
The above pictures were taken while Babah is waiting for the white paint to be dried.
However, due to heavy rain, Babah has to postpone the second phase of painting the above 'pegola'/bangsal/pondok...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Raya and The Tradition of Balik Kampung

Well, first of all, we hope that it is still not too late to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya. This year, first day raya we celebrated with Atuk and Nenek. Only on the second day of raya we went back to Kelantan to celebrate with Tok Ayah and Tok Ma. We took first flight from LCCT to KB (Flight AK6320 departed from KUL at 7.20am and arrived in KBR at 8.15am) .
Baby Shashah sekali tak duduk diam dalam flight AirAsia from KL to KB.
Kakak dan Baby Shashah dalam kapal terbang. Please fasten your seatbelt!!!

Two heroes are seriously discussing the menu! Unlike MAS, Airasia sells food, drinks and souvenirs.

What! No. You are not allowed to buy everything in the brochure...